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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  January 27, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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now, "good morning, maryland ." good morning, you are looking at a live picture of i- 95 north at 100. a much better situation than last night. so many people stranded for hours in their cars. things are moving along. but how are you going to get where you are going to go and how soon had it take you. >> it's a mess. people will talk about it all day today. abandoned cars be towed away to safety after yesterday's rush hour snow snarled traffic yesterday afternoon. >> will you flight get off the ground. we will have the latest from bwi and how they are regrouping after canceling incoming and outgoing flights last night. those stories are ahead on this
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thursday morning. really, the calm after the storm. i am megan pringle. >> i am charlie crowson. we hope your day is off to a better start than your night ended. some said they were in their cars six hours and it was a horrible night across many of the roadways. what is in store for the cleanup weather wise? let's ask justin. >> i saw this thing starting to develop yesterday. we -- we spotted lighting on the doppler radar about 1:30, 2. i went into the newsroom and said we are going on two hours. this this may be here when we go on the air and may have alert some of our news crews. if we have lightning it's a little dangerous. and you know, what it hit on schedule between 4 and 5:00. lightning, thunder and rain turning to sleet turning to heavy snow. and a deep slushy snow is what we got this morning. the snowfall, pretty much hit or just exceed the final target in some spots. bwia. record for the day at 7.8. not much freezing this morning. so, main roads and side roads deep/but not much in the term of ice.
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at 31 in west towson and we have close to a foot of snow on the ground. we have ourselves a look across the area from 29 owings mills to 34 in edge mere. it's 5:01. let's see how the roads are doing right now. and here's kim brown. >> now, the 24-7b hour traffic authority brought to you by -- 24-hour traffic authorities brought to you by toyota. >> reporter: thanks a lot for that. we spoke with a administrator from the state highway administration who let us know they are at 100 full deployment of all of the salt trucks and plow trucks. we are dealing with issues in baltimore city. we are finding the southbound lanes of the jfx open. north bound 83 between the fayette street exit up to northern parkway, remains closed as they are trying to clear disabled vehicles and also working to get the lanes reopened. now baltimore city, we are hearing about people having problems getting around. as we look at the jfx, the 41st street exit. on left hand side of the screen, those are the northbound lanes.
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it looks as if the northbound side of the jfx has been reopened. traffic is released but still expect to see a very slick and/y possibly icy situation. as you make your way around the beltway at 95, we saw a live shot of 59 and howard county at route 100 and we saw a nice train of snowplows and they were getting things cleared. we are again at the jfx and being see the slush and ice out there and traffic is moving well considering the time and we are still dealing with very light volume. as this gets out later in the morning, we will see how that goes. megan and charlie, back to you. >> thanks. it's three minutes after five. this morning, many of you are wake being up still wondering how things got -- waking up still wond ring how things got so -- wondering how things got so bad so fast. abc2 news christian schav jones -- schaffer joins us live with how things look now. >> reporter: it was a sight to see overnight. we are making progress today. look at my last live shot.
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the stoplight at northern parkway at falls road is out. and at 5 a.m. it's back work. that guy will have to stop. overnight that was not working. he may have run through there. let me show you something else, the service station at the corner had been sort of a way station for a lot of the cars abandoned overnight. check it out over here. a lot of the cars were just brought here that were people walked away from them he in the overnight hours. now, at this hour, what we are seeing are tow trucks coming in and moving them again. they are taking them from here down to polyand western high school. a few blocks from the south. so, if of you believe your car has been towed or left it somewhere, check to see where it is. polyand western high school is one possible place to check. one of the place as lot of the cars got towed from was the jfx. i-83 northbound at baltimore city right during rush hour when the snow hit, it shut down completely. there was a tractor trailer that jackknifed out in
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baltimore county. that caused a chain reaction which stopped traffic right as the snow hit. and so, for hours, and hours, i- 83 was a parking lot. so, i spoke with people who gotgsh gsh do the in their cars -- got -- got in their cars around five to go home and i was talking to them at 1:30 in the morning, six, seven hours later sitting in their cars. think about how miserable of a experience that was for the dozen if not hundred hundreds of drivers on i-85. this morning, it was amazing talking to some of them. they took it pretty well. >> i think it was the most frustrating thing because everything was at a dead stop and i probably say about an hour and a half to two hours in you got reports that people were abandoning cars, and -- this thing snuck up on everybody so fast it was falling so fast that people were driving cars that normally they probably wouldn't be out in. >> on a scale of one to 10, improbable at a 12 --
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improbable at a 12 right -- i am probably at about a 12 right now. >> reporter: you can see the cars placed here in the parking lot of the service station here at the corner of falls road and northern parkway. another thing about this particular intersection, if you've been through it, northern parkway is a very steep hill leading down from the roland park area to where we are right now. and last night, the road was covered just in a sheet of ice. people couldn't get up and they couldn't get down. and it was also that way to the west over near green spring avenue. a really difficult situation in the particular area. but the worst, i would have to say, is i-83. never seen anything like that. i was walking on i-83 in the overnight hours normally cars would have been rushing by. everyone was sitting in the cars and they had been there for so long. a frustrating situation for a lot of people. but, again, they think it's going clear up today with a little warmer weather. they can put the salt down and we have seen plow trucks go by getting rid of the leftover
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snow. so once again things are getting better but it was a rough, rough day yesterday. now back to you guys in the studio. >> all right, thanks christian schaffer. hundreds of people sat trapped in their cars with cell phone batteries running out of juice. late night on the beltway. this is video sent to us by a viewer of traffic. stuck on route 29 this morning. crews continue cheering the way of the heavy snow that led to the horrible evening commute. abc2's linda so is live this morning with an update on the situation for the motorists on the beltway -- beltway and what to expect this morning. good morning, linda. >> reporter: the major roads have pretty good handle on. highways look good. the neighborhood roads and side streets are iffy. but the real story is the video we shot at around 4 this morning. this is the inner loop of the beltway between exit 795 in
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reisterstown road. the inner loop literally a parking lot. you heard christian say he never seen anything like it before. the same with us. the beltway, usually you wouldn't be able to stop. these cars were parked. we counted at least three dozen cars strand from last night. state highway tells us that as of four this morning, they towed 46 cars and seven tractor trailers since last night that had to be stranded. we asked what happened in that particular area, and he said it was a domino effect of sorts. he says what happened was a car probably got stuck had to leave the car there. all the cars behind it were stuck with no place to go. they had to leave the cars. and that's what left all the cars literally parked on the beltway. we saw some tow truck companies trying to get the cars towed this morning out of the way. in time for the morning commute so that people would have a clear area. but, if you drive in that area, you should be forewarned that path right there right between
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795 and exit 20 which is reisterstown road, as of four this morning, we saw at least three dozen cars parked theretowing companies -- towing companies working trying to get in the area. once the cars were stranded there after the snow fell so hard, the plow trucks could not get in because obviously all those cars were parked there. so in that area, you still going to find that the highway is snow covered. but the other part of the highway when we drove on, they were clear this morning. now, state police is going to be in charge of getting those cars towed off the interstate. they have been contracting it out to private companies. if you happen to be one of the drivers who had to leave your cars on the beltway yesterday, you are asked to call maryland state police. we are going show you that number. this is the golden ring barracks. maryland state police. number is 410-780-2700.
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again, it's 410-780-2700. state police have been contracting out to private towing companies to get the cars cleared off the beltway. what you do is call state police and let them know the situation that towed leave your car in the beltway and they will give you a list of the towing companies in charge of getting the cars cleared from the beltway. that's what you got to do this morning. geep, that number to state police golden ring barracks is 410-780-2700. so i guess when you hear the governor say last night to stay off the road, he was not kidding. that was why. beltway parking lot. hopefully by this morning, and the morning commute, things will look better and the towing companies will be able to get all the cars cleared off the beltway. that's the condition as of four this morning. back to you guys. >> all right, that's linda so reporting live this morning. ten minutes after five. remember, as you get started today, send us your pictures. better yet, friend us on facebook and upload your photos there. people waking up to a ton of snow. schools closed and the latest road conditions of what to
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expect in the outer reaches of the baltimore metro. >> news outside of the weather, ed reed talks about what was going on the night his brother brian reed disappeared in the mississippi river. time for a check of trains and buses on what's going to be a very tenous thursday and for that let's say good morning to mark jones. mark. >> reporter: you got it. light rail is experiencing some delays this morning due to repairs underway between north avenue and woodbury stations. service is operating full line from end to end except from north avenue because of the repairs. no service from the north avenue station on light rail. metro subway looks good. buses operating but with numerous delays and diversions. look for the bus on the main roadways. on the marc train system, no service on camden or brunswick line. penn line is operating on a limited schedule. refer tower marc scelduals for throws -- schedules for trains
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we checked in with bge right now. more than 112,000 people without power right now the exact number is 12-403. major outages are in baltimore county. nearly 17,000 in the city are yet to be -- have power on this thursday morning. this is a good time to check on your neighbors if you have elderly neighbors living nearby to make sure everything is okay. >> all right. if you are traveling or planning on flying out of town today, you may want to call ahead to make sure your flight is still planning on getting off. >> yeah. that's right. yesterday, people trying to head out of town were stuck. airport was shut down yesterday. blanks had to be passed out to people who were going to have a long uncomfortable night at the airport. >> we pretty much will camp out. i never anticipated in a hundred years i would be doing this. >> we weren't the only ones ground. new york area airports among
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the nation's busiest. they saw hundreds of delays and cancellations. so, if you are going anywhere today, even if it's flying out of town or picking someone up, just make sure you call or check bwi's website before heading out the door. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. 5:16. i know there's so many horror stories. darius wrote and said he had a coworker leave dc at four and lives in louden county a few miles away in virginia, left at four and got home after 11. wow. this is owings mills and yesterday afternoon. and watch this snow come and near white yowsout conditions. many burst of thund he and lightning. there are 30 this morning and we are looking at a little ice but most us are dealing with deep slush and the snow is exacting now. 34 officially in baltimore. 32 up towards york. and an update from alex up in
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bel air. it's not 15.5, it's 16.5 in bel air combined total. this morning, it's about the melting. slush deep, deep tracks of snow. we drove through it with kim brown on the way in this morning. give us the latest on what you see. >> reporter: well, if -- >> now, the 24-hour traffic authority brought to you by toyota. >> reporter: all right. thank you very much. well, if you are able to make it to the big roadways, you should be okay. the problem is going to be getting out of your neighborhood possibly even getting out of your driveway this morning. as you look live here, this is 95 at 195 in baltimore county. 95 looking like new money. all lanes open in both directions. we are watching some of the plows a little earlier really doing a good job of getting the shoulders cleared right now. here on the beltway acrosses top side, at providence road, inner and outer loop opened. we have a disabled vehicle on the inner loop at reisterstown road near the exit off-ramp. that's blocking the right lane. and what we do -- what we are
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finding around the area is some of the side streets really having trouble. especially in anne arundel county. down in brooklyn park the northbound lanes of route 2 are closed because of high piled snow. route 2 at cedar hill lane in brooklyn park closed because of big snow problemsp down at route 175, in hanover at ray road, closed for snow. and fort meade, route 170 snow is block all lanes. 50 eastbound across the severn river bridge, disabled vehicles are continuing to block the right lane. so we are having problems around the area. downed wires in timonium and also in to timonium at old bosley road, snow is block all lanes. give the crews time to get things cleared up and hopefully by the time morning rush is cranked up, things will more smoother many we have more of your news, weather and traffic updates coming back after "good morning, maryland" takes a quick break. hey guys. printer's out of ink.
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5:21. the latest on the disappearance
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of brian reed. the body pulled from the river earlier has been positively identified as brian reed. but ed reed says nothing illegal was going on. police said they were chasing brian reed when they got out of the car. he jumped into the mississippi river. however, ed reed says his parents were concerned about his brother and knew he was driving a car that he shouldn't have been driving. >> it was not nothing you know illegal going on or you know, anything like that. it was just a issue where concerned parents were trying to bring their child, you know, to safety. >> brian reid has a 2-year-old son ed reed says he is grateful for the support he got from teammates. and today, the city fire crews will try to work out cause of a two-alarm fire that damaged a home in baltimore city last night. it happened and firefighters were head with-- met with heavy snow and strong winds. one person seriously injured after jumping from a window on one of the upper floors.
5:23 am
kevin cartwright told abc2 news the fire extended into the top floor of a three-story building. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> all right. wendy, i just got your report. a 15-inches. there's a hot pocket out there. there's a big snow pocket up there. in harford county. we will try to highlight some of the snowfall totals throughout the morning. we are looking downtown and the snow has stopped. temperatures around bwi and downtown 34 so it's just slush and we have got rosemont elementary school baltimore 30 degrees. and so we are near freezing in some spots. look at yesterday's snow. then the heavy stuff comes in overnight blocking out the camera lens and it washes away and the snow end. around midnight for many of us. snow covered streets have not been touched and it's about temperatures this morning. edge mere -- edgemere at 33. annapolis at 30.
5:24 am
i am suspicious about that. i think some of the thermometers were wet when the snow hit, and we have got a casing of ice on them. needless to say, some spots below freeing northwest, you are going to have ice underneath the snow. but around the city itself, i noticed in towson north baltimore where the station is is a heavy wet snow easy to push around and not much ice underneath. that's a sake grace. but heavy wet snow on trees and power lines. numerous reports of power outages. we can get the information from you if you got yourself a mobilephone. but otherwise we have people without power with the flyingering on and off yesterday. bel air heavy snow. 30 degrees this morning. look at this -- flickering on and off yesterday. bel air, heavy snow. 30 degrees this morning. the commonna, the core of the heavy stuff on the north side of low pressure, that passed off through virginia. then it is out to sea. you can see this this morning. closer view here, i want to show you long island is breaking down. it's a cleanup this morning up and down i-95.
5:25 am
slush, wet roads. we are low to mid-30s this morning. we will get to the mid-30s. partly sunny and then look out for a refreeze for tonight. temperatures dip back to 25 degrees. this is going to be an issue where we are going have melting throughout the day. and then once you head through the evening things ice up and that is an issue to contend with tomorrow morning. and heading through tomorrow itself, we will go to mid to upper 30s. mostly cloudy skies. banner is covering it, but snow showers check out the future radar i want to highlight a system from the northwest and it looks like we have ourselves a look at light snow showers across the area friday. check out he can tended outlook. there's another winter storm. we will talk about that next. here's kim brown with traffic. >> now, the 24-hour trafficauthority brought to you bytoyota. >> reporter: thanks, justin. as we were updating you earlier in baltimore city, northbound lanes of the jfx are reopened between fayette and northern parkway. traffic is moving better he. looking live around the area, 695, pretty much they have that all cleared in all the disabled
5:26 am
vehicles have been moved away and all the lanes are now reopened. traffic beginning to pick up just a little bit i don't anticipate a heavy rush hour this morning. probably because we are going to deal with a lot of school closings and people are not going to be be able to get out of the neighborhoods with a lot of ease. so don't expect traffic at full tilt. we have more issues to go around the area and there are lots of roads especially in anne arundel county that are closed and or affected by snow and piled snow plus downed wires in baltimore county. i will let you know about those in a few moments. now back to you. >> thanks. it's 5:26. whether you are spinning your tires on tollgate or trying to drive your favorite pizza shop in bel air. you ran into a huge mess in har forecounty last night. this is the situation -- harford county last night. this is the situation there. people who went shopping found themselves gripping the steering wheels for a white knuckle ride. a handful of people dipped their cars and found another
5:27 am
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